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Public Safety

Essential supervision in
the hands of those who
preserve life

Electronic monitoring

Through a system of high-resolution cameras,it is possible to monitor suspicious movements or behaviors,assisting in the fight against crime.

Gunshot and firearms recognition system

Possibility of recognition of the region where the shot was fired and the caliber of the weapon.

Location of the nearest vehicle

Sends the image of the trajectory of the gun fire,the caliber of the weapon and the number of shots fired to agents on the perimeter.

Areas with intense movement of people requires a higher level of security.All situations must be under control at any time.
That's what we offer:full monitoring and supervision.
Sending information on suspects

With the implementation of cameras,it is possible to obtain a facial reading of individuals,look for matching information on the database,and send it to the police stations and vehicles.

Identification of people lying down

The system identifies people lying down,or in irregular positions,and gives an alert.

Obstructions to roads and side walks

In the case of objects obstructing roads or side walks,the system sends an alert to the authorities responsible.