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Traffic Control

Be present to preserve safety

Counting vehicles

Checking the number of vehicles transiting on a given road or highway.

Speed control (between two points)

The system performs speed control,identifying the license plates and notifying the driver,without the need for human intervention.

Irregular parking

No-parking zones are standardized.A tolerance limit can be adopted.The system also progresses to a possible notification.

Traffic monitoring

Cameras analyze the flow of traffic and congestion,identifying the direction of vehicle traffic and taking decisions,communicating with the respective agents or informing drivers.

Monitor means being present. And more important than monitoring,is to act efficiently and intelligently.

Integrating technology

In conjunction with companies in the transport sector,we offer repair and maintenance of roads signs and signaling equipment,such as panels,plates, bands,cones,barriers and other devices.

Vehicle monitoring:

- Control of rotation;
- Expired documents ;
- Suspicious vehicles, and search for records in the database;
- Vehicles identification by color ;
- Cars stopped on the road;
- Cars stopped off the road;
- Search and seizure ;
- Reading truck axes for tolls.