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Features that will increase productivity

Quality control

Through pattern interpretation technology,the system is able to locate imperfections or differences in sizes, colors ,shapes and textures.It is al so able to make decisions,depending on how it is programmed,such as separating or rejecting objects,or giving warning signals.

Industrial automation is a major source of high production performance.
Cost savings,agility in processes and quality control are essential features for a high level of productivity.
Monitoring of the production line

High-definition cameras and modern sensors can be installed a teach stage of the production line.This means that processes are 100% monitored.With this system installed,human error is eliminated,guaranteeing that the final product will be fully in line with your company’s quality policy.

Cost reduction

With a production line verified by the quality system,the increase in productivity growth becomes evident.From the moment the output is 100% monitored,the level of internal and external recalls is reduced and productivity is increased.The system also meets all the quality standards,such as ISO and QS.