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Tracking and Transport

Security in any place,
all the time
GPRS System

Track the progress of your vehicle at any time.The system uses the GSM/GPRS data communication network,with the major operators in the country,to send messages between the company and the vehicle.The practical software interface enables simple investigation of the percentage of the journey completed,the exact location of the vehicle,and any change in routes,as well as receiving alerts and sending commands with keyboards.It is also possible to develop communication protocols with pre-typed messages that are easy for the driver to operate.

Full control via satellite

In areas where communication via GPRS is not possible,we provide satellite communication by means of a system of hybrid technology.

Individually-installed training devices allow access to the main functions of the vehicle.This includes controlling maximum speed or even shutting down the engine. In cases of accidents,or if the vehicle has strayed off course,it can be deactivated immediately.

Everything that happens inside the vehicle is also monitored.You can see the odometer,i.e.the RPM range at which the driver is driving,which directly influences vehicle wear and fuel consumption.It is also possible to monitor the telemetry and check the driver’s performance,based on a range of information.

We guarantee the security of assets and goods every where in Brazil.Even when they are already out side the gates of your company,you keep control of vehicles through tracking and vehicle inspection systems and hybrid technology.

Dump box opening control

The load inside each vehicle is transported incomplete safety.The dump box is opened only at the beginning and end of each trip.During the trip,the dump box is sealed remotely,preventing it from opening in case of accidents.

Report Generator

The content of tacking information is easily integrated into any system. Another advantage is the development of reports and integrations related to the tracker,according to the needs of each client.

Onboard monitoring

Besides tracking,we offer internal monitoring of all vehicles,with the installation of cameras and microphones in the drive's cabin and cargo area,all carried out discreetly and with out damage to the vehicle.You can access these devices remotely from any where in the world through computers,tablets and phones.