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Prime International

With more than 10 years in the market,Prime is a global Technology Group,covering various segments surveillance and security.

Intelligent systems of image analysis stands out for compliance with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service of Brazil to the customs bonded terminals,and for the compliance with other Brazilian and international laws.

It is also recognized by the ability to adapt their projects to various companies, public or private.

Awarded several times by the after-sales and the quality of services due to advanced technology and service efficiency.


Develop integrated and customized solutions in automation and security, provide excellent service,total customer satisfaction and appreciation of employees with ethical,environmental and social responsibility.


Be a national and internationally recognized company offering cutting-edge solutions in accordance with the highest world standards of quality and market efficiency.

Quality policy

Provide solutions for integrated and customized technologies in automation and security, seeking continuous improvement in services, total satisfaction of customers, valuation of employees, meeting the requirements applicable to the organization.