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Residential and Condominium

Greater control means
guaranteeing security

Intrusion alert and suspicious person alert

On detecting an intrusion,the camera activates an alarm.Another feature is the magnification of the image at the site of problem.

Object removed (theft) or misplaced

The camera monitors all elements of an environment and issues a warning if there is any change to the original image.

Security and well-being are one of the key attributes that lead people to choose the place where they live.
And this is our role,to ensure that your home is reliable and pleasant to live.
Panic button

Its purpose is to raise an alarm to ward off a potential intruder. A person with dishonest intentions will be deterred,due to fright or fear of being detected.

Vehicle access control

Through the OCR system,it is possible to read the license plates and enables control of vehicles entering and leaving the condominium.