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Monitoring equipment and security control
Personnel access

A security system controls access and movement of personnel authorized to enter specific areas.Biometric verification devices can be installed in strategic areas for all sectors,or in specific rooms.

Camera monitoring

High-definition cameras assist in the monitoring of invasions,warning people about any suspicious behaviors. On detecting an invasion,the camera generates an alarm and magnifies the image for closer inspection at the control center.

As important as supervise the entry and exit of people and vehicles is constantly monitoring the production equipment.

Vehicle access control system

The purpose of the system is to ensure that all the information relating to the movements of the vehicles is correctly recorded.It automates the identification process,and monitors the internal and external flow of traffic.Through a system of cameras, lenses,lighting and modern software, it recognizes all the items necessary for full control of the cargos,ensuring a secure process and eliminating fraud.

The system checks the vehicle license plates,including trailer and intermediate plates,recognizes warning signs,and is also capable of identifying codes and information on containers.The system is enabled to identify how information such as loading or unloading bottlenecks,and careless drivers or vehicles making unauthorized movements.This information is then sent to companies, or sent to the relevant authorities.