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People Monitoring

Peace of mind for those
whose job it is to protect others, and security
for those they protect.

Camera Monitoring

Monitoring by high-definition cameras detects intruders,warns of suspicious persons,and enables control of access.If an intruder is detected,the camera generates an alarm and magnifies the image.In these cases,access is allowed only to those with facial recognition.

People Counter

This system calculates the number of people circulating in a certain location.

Control of movement of people and of disturbances

Allows you to control the movement of people in a certain direction.The system also alerts on any irregularities in the flow of people.

Control in restricted areas and biometric access control

The system identifies un authorized persons and triggers an alarm so that the incident can be investigated.Every thing is captured by high-definition cameras. There is also finger print,iris,or facial recognition.

Complex environments with large flow of people,require a set of security solutions. Analyzing the situation,we have developed the right system for the control and monitoring of public places such as airports,train stations,subways and stadiums.

Detecting suspects

Suspects are identified by facial recognition,which recognizes a biometric code and links it to a biometric database,enabling suspects to be identified,or the movements of individuals in certain locations to be monitored.

Object removed (theft) or misplaced

The camera monitors all the elements of an environment and issues an alert if there are any suspicious behaviors. A potential suspect can the be restrained by officers even before the occurrence of theft. The system also identifies possible hazardous materials abandoned in public places,alerting the relevant authorities.