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Construction Monitoring

Constant control gives 24-hour security.

Monitoring works

The implementation of a surveillance system is the most practical way for those responsible for monitor the development of the works.Monitoring multiple locations at once,it is possible to check on workers,vehicles and materials.

The installation of cameras at strategic points ensures that you have total control of what happens in your business.
Intelligent systems,increasing productivity and implementing security in all processes.
Prevention of theft

Having 100% of the area of your company monitored round the clock,you can keep track of your investments and see how and where each commodity is being used.In suspicious situations,closer inspection is possible by calling up images from a database where the information is stored.

Remote monitoring

All tracking cameras can be monitored remotely via the Internet from any computer or mobile device,such as a cell phone or tablet. Because the systems ends the messages compressed form,the images can be obtained quickly,even though 3G connections.