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Logistics and Ports

Keeping up-to-date
with the legislation

Guarantee of cars,wagons,trucks,containers,cargo IMO and people flow control through integrated solutions. As well as compliance with legal regulations of the Federal Revenue of Brazil and international safety measures required by the ISPS Code.

Compliance with the legislation

For customs bonded area to operate,it is necessary to adapt to certain legislation.We carry out the planning and installation of a number of resources and solutions to ensure compliance with all the legislation: Federal Revenue Directive 3518,the ISPS Code and Coana/Cotec.All applicable laws and regulatory requirements can be met through efficient and modern means.

Federal Revenue Service Portal

All operations of receipt and dispatch are detailed in the portal.According to the directives,strict control of entry and exit of people,vehicles and cargo is required,together with control of the time spent within the customs,bonded,area.All,these,and other data are checked and sent remotely to the Federal Revenue Service Portal.

Access control of people

An intelligent system that controls the access and movement of people, meeting all legal requirements.Offering a complete solution,we provide turnstiles,gates,barriers,biometric and facial readers,and all the access control equipment necessary.Thus,the flow of visitors is integrated with data from the DBCC,communicating directly with the Federal Revenue Service Portal.
Integration and full customization

Our systems and solutions are tailored to the needs of each client.All through special development and custom designs.

Container inspection

A portal with camera systems with OCR technology enables inspection of containers.It inspects the sides and top of the containers in detail,looking for any damage or deformities.


This is an intelligent system that reads the front,middle,and rear number plates on cars and trucks and containers,IMO loads,and rail road wagons,with out any human ntervention,ensuring a system that is free of fraud and error.All the work is fully automated and integrated with the Federal Revenue Service Portal.A system of scales and weighing also prevents fraud and ensures greater security for cargos.
CCTV –Monitoring
of internal and external area

Another legal requirement is the complete monitoring of the flow of people and processes.In addition to providing the entry and exit of staff and visitors, this system is able to monitor all the operating processes.From the movement of cargo and passenger vehicles.

Another difference is the high-definition cameras that can be used in extreme cold,and refrigerated areas.